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Soya is in the rage. I’m not surprised. Because it tastes good, and feels good. Whether is it soya milk or tofu, i love them all the same. Tofu’s incredibly versatile… that’s because it takes on different tastes easily. I’ve been eating yong tau foo for the past week and I do admit i’m hooked. I still think it’s a brilliant idea to offer a huge array of tofu and vegetables and cook them in a simple soup. It might sound a tad boring or tasteless at first but mind you, it’s far from that. I always have fun choosing the various ingredients. Predictably, i always go for the tofu first… then i get some lady’s finger, green chilli, eggplant, maybe some seaweed or bean sprouts and perhaps a tomato. If you think it sounds rather healthy, well it is. But i doubt i’d ever get bored of yong tau foo. i wonder who came up with it. but the best yong tau foo i’ve eaten so far has got to be this one at Tanjong Pagar. It’s hakka yong tau foo and made in claypot. it’s rather expensive but worth every cent. will look for the address and post it up later…

Pauls Yoghurt

YOGHURT. it’s a miracle creation. full of calcium and a great healthy substitute for ice-cream. I used to hate the taste of plain natural yoghurt and always had to mask the sourness with honey. but now i’d rather much prefer plain yoghurt on it’s own. That’s because some brands have it so sweet. The funny thing is, they always state there low fat.. but the sugar content is sky high so it makes no difference i say. My favourite brand of natural yoghurt has got to be Pauls. it’s amazing… but it’s weird cos recently it’s quite hard to find. not sure why.

oh while we’re on the topic of calcium rich foods, i have to rave about Feta cheese. yea bought some today to complete my grilled vegetable foccacia sandwich. yea… grilled eggplants, red and yellow bell peppers for lunch. i took pictures. will post them later… i gotta go now…

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