BQ Korea

BQ Korea

It’s Korean food, again.

Yes, this must be the second or third time that I’ve gone Korean, this month. What to do, I really do like Korean food.

Remember how I mentioned that I would show you how a Bi Bim Bab (beef and vegetable bowl) looks like? Well I finally have a picture of it:

Bolsot Bibimbab
Bolsot Bi Bim Bab ($10.90)

So now you see what I’m talking about? I love the colours of the different vegetables and ingredients (mushrooms, zucchini, radish, soy bean sprouts, eggs etc). It comes with a red sweet/sour sauce that you pour over and mix. Under all those ingredients lies a pile of soft sticky calrose rice. Notice the yolk in the centre? Well they purposely left it half cooked so when you burst it, the yellow goodness will flow out. I love my yolks that way. This bi bim bab smelt as good as it tasted and looked. A definite must-try!

The place where I had this delicious Bi Bim Bab is bQ Korea. It’s a new contemporary Korean restaurant that opened a couple of months ago. And I got to admit that they do know their stuff. It’s the first contemporary Korean eatery to open in Singapore. Previous Korean restaurants I’ve visited tend to lean towards the traditional old school kind of ambience. This place, however, reeked clean lines and impressed me with their sleek furniture.

And yes, the co-owner is Korean and they have a Korean chef to cook their dishes. So it’s really quite authentic. It’s my first time dining here and I think I have found my favourite Korean haven. I’m not kidding.

Ate there with my beloved ex-colleagues from I-S mag. Boy did I miss them so much! Really miss the days where we just sat down during lunch and sometimes after work, to chat, gossip and bitch about anything under the sun!

What better way to catch up than over a scrumptious meal and some drinks eh?

Well back to the food…. Joanne had the Kimchi Donkatsu ($9.90):

Kimchi Donkatsu

I found the dish rather interesting. The pork cutlet came with a kimchi centre. Very unique and it complimented the meat, which was a pleasant surprise.

The three guys all had the personal mini barbecue ($12.90) and here’s one of them with the fresh raw beef:

Hungry Carnivore

That’s dear ol’ Cenydd by the way. Haha… going by his hungry looks, I’m sure you know what happens next…

What’s a bbq without fire?

Lighting it up

cool eh? I like the pink ‘wax’ thingie they used.. and the flame has a lovely orange hue.

Flaming heat

this is how the ‘bbq set’ looked like… and now, here’s Cenydd again, to show you how to cook the beef!


He sure has his eyes set on his beef. What a carnivore!

Beef cookin

Can you see the beef cooking? It tasted yummy. Best to eat it medium rare.

Korean Soju

and of course, we ended the evening with a toast! We had some Korean Soju. It’s some grain liquer I think. The alcohol content was about 21%. But heh, I drank very little. I’m quite alcohol intolerant… Prefer Bailey’s Irish Cream actually.

The evening was swell and I can’t wait to go back there again. This time, I have to try the mini bbq for myself. Thanks Joanne, Cenydd, Lenz and Jan for taking time off to meet up! We should do again, soon…


bQ Korea
(opposite China Square Food Court)
70-74 Telok Ayer Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Tel: 6536-7703

4 out of 5 burps


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Fat Fingers commented on June 30, 2005 at 12:19 pm

wow i want to try that! korean food! mmm!


Fat Fingers commented on June 30, 2005 at 12:19 pm

wow i want to try that! korean food! mmm!


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