What happens when you are starving and seriously so hungry that you could eat a cow?

Choose from the below options:
a) I would settle for the first stall/restaurant/eatery I see and eat whatever they sell
b) I run to 7-11 to buy myself a cup of instant noodles
c) I swallow my saliva unwillingly and distract myself because I’m too lazy to get off my chair
d) I walk and explore patiently, believing that good food will come my way if I just practise patience and wait till my heart tells me this is the one.

So which did you choose?

Did you pick the easiest options? OR

did you go with option d?

If you chose option d then we have something in common.

Weird choice you might think but I have a rationale.

Good food is worth the walk; besides walking helps work up an appetite and heck, it’s healthy!

I went for sunset mass at OLPS yesterday and was ravenous by the time it ended and it was about 8pm when JF and I started walking around the area searching for something delicious and substantial.

Just when I thought I had to settle for the usual rice with mixed vegetables, I spotted a large green sign that read “Thondamans Restaurant – Authentic Curry Fish Head”. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sign and started to suggest that we dine there.

Blame it on my love for Indian food but I really can’t say no to curry! We walked closer and saw the menu – they sold thosai! I love eating thosai and have been wanting to eat some. Then the owner who was mopping the entrance told us to come in. We were checking out the menu (too intently i guess!) and he gestured us to come try the food, and promised that it will be cheap. We were sold. haha… well by then I had decided what to eat, so we entered the place.

I wanted some meat, dhal and vegetable so we ordered mutton masala, snake gourd, dhal, and the usual thosai.

mutton masala


The food was tasty and really up-to-standard. The mutton was so tender and the gravy thick and rich. I loved it. Even JF was impressed. I couldn’t stop chowing down my thosai with the gravy, including the dips that came with the thosai. Everything was so fresh and yummy that I stopped talking for a while. The raita was refreshing. I love anything with yoghurt.

Midway, JF asked me if I was full (that’s his way of saying that he was still hungry) and I told him, sure, we’ll order more!

So we ordered sambal fish briyani and we were taken by surprise (in a good way) when this appeared:

That’s alot of rice! It came in a metal steel bowl and the fish was in the middle of the rice together with an egg. The set came with some pappadums together with more tasty curry.

We put the rice on a plate and started eating every grain, with big mouthfuls. The owner must have been frightened at the amount we were eating! hahaa…

I liked the sambal fish although it tasted different from the usual sambal. There was more of a fresh chilli taste. I loved the briyani; they cooked it really well with the right amount of spices and it was really fragrant.

We were seriously stuffed. I felt sooo full but I was really happy. As I’ve mentioned before, if you succeed in feeding me something yummy, I will be your best friend for life :p

And I think the owner will be seeing more of me in time to come…. I still have to try their curry fish head. Okay, now I’m drooling… AGAIN!

Thondamans Restaurant
No. 324P, Changi Road
Tel: 6345-5022

P.S. They do catering as well!

Posted on 11th Mar 2007 in briyani, Curry, Indian, Thondamans, thosai


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maya commented on March 12, 2007 at 4:40 am

the fish briyani looks crazy good! ok i shall take note of this place. 😉


naranja commented on March 12, 2007 at 2:12 pm

I am so hungry now!!!


Mahek commented on March 12, 2007 at 5:51 pm

its great to know that you enjoy indian food so much , it was great to read a post about a non-indian enjoying our food


angelic gal commented on March 13, 2007 at 3:39 am

The fish briyant is also called Fish Dum briyani. You can get chicken & mutton dum briyani too. Its called dum briyani coz everything is dumped into the pot & cooked togther with the rice.


:: Lavender Cupcaker :: commented on March 15, 2007 at 2:30 am

Cheryl, next time i can bring to little india, they have plenty of curry there that will make you drool and crave for more!! 🙂


foodislove commented on March 15, 2007 at 7:12 pm

I love indian food so much I’m starting to suspect there might just be a hint of indian blood in me! Will definitely take on your recommandation if I do go to Changi area!


Shaz & Aidil commented on March 16, 2007 at 4:18 am

yes, i’d pick option (d) too! =))) and i absolutely love indian food, especially fish head curry. My favourite places to go are Banana Leaf Apollo (they have good north indan bryani, perfect to eat with cold curd) and the stall at Siglap next to the kaya toast kopitiam.

I even waitressed at an Indian restaurant (Raj Restaurant) once just so I’d be more acquainted with the dishes. Hahaha.

so thanks for the tip! shall check out this place sometime soon.

~ shaz


Philip commented on July 28, 2014 at 6:45 am



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