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Seductive appetizers, delectable entrees, elegant desserts and in-bed aphrodisiacs – that’s what this pair were offering.

Would anyone say no?

I wouldn’t.

There is nothing more charming than a lad who knows how not to burn down a kitchen. Or perhaps someone who does not instantly offer  a cup of instant noodles when you ask if there’s food in his home.

Most  swoon at guys/girls who can cook. There’s something fundamental about this skill. It sends strong messages. Pretty simple really. “You will never go hungry around me”, or “Let me romance you with my kitchen repertoire” and then there’s “My knife skills will rock your world”. (Okay, the last one is kinda lame).

What I am saying that there are so many resources out there so it is no excuse to not know how to cook. If you are a bachelor and wonder why you have to spend Friday nights downing Heinekens with your buddies, well, perhaps you did not try hard enough.

It is a stretch to say that men who cook, get the girls. But that’s the truth.

And… the truth hurts but here you have Nicholas Lin and Adhika Maxi, saviours for their kind, coming to the rescue.

Commonly known as Nick and Max, both met in New York and discovered that they shared similar interests. Ardently passionate about food, the pair launched “Bachelor’s Banquet” last year. An effort to prove Jean de La Bruyere’s quote about a bachelor’s life being a “fine breakfast, a flat lunch and a miserable dinner” wrong, Nick and Max spent hours of collaboration in the kitchen. The end result is a well calibrated no frills recipes resulting in elegant meals that will impress. The cookbook has all the basic culinary knowledge that the new-age bachelor needs to know.

I first read about them last September when The Straits Times profiled them. It piqued my curiousity. A daring feat is is, to claim that you have the solution that bachelors are looking for. Pardon my blunt honesty but I thought the title sounded cheesy. That’s just the sceptic in me talking. Since I always believe in judging something only when I’ve explored it, I signed up for a lunch that Nick & Max held at 25 degree Celsius test kitchen earlier this year. They promised a uniquely interactive 4-course lunch featuring dishes from Bachelor’s Banquet for just $25++.

I would then decide if they were worth their weight in salt.


Prior to the lunch, I had only seen excerpts of their cookbook from their website and several emailers that they had sent out. The contents look promising but you know how recipes are – you’ve got to use them to know how helpful they are. They looked idiot-proof, which probably said alot. Bachelors with no prior cooking experience would need something straight-forward.

Succinct and concise – that’s how I found the lunch and it reflected pretty much what the cookbook stood for. From their appetisers to the main course and the dessert, they cleverly banked on simplicity, a trait that I like in all my food.

Oysters shimeiji mushrooms

Salmon tartar 2-ways

The appetisers were pleasant. I truly fancied the oyster-shimeij mushroom combination. The oyster was delicately perfumed by the citrus rind. Very well presented. The salmon and mayo pairing was surprisingly good as well.

Truffle bacon and egg risotto



Risotto should be toothsome. Theirs was done just right. Lifted by the heady truffle aroma, the risotto scored with the hard-to-go-wrong bacon.


I polished every single grain. It was very comforting.

Brioche (nutella & banana)


How nice it would be if I had this for breakfast everday. Warm brioche filled with nutella and banana served to me in bed by a Gerard Butler look-alike – my morning breakfast fantasy.


There is something very sensual about the combination of the simplest of ingredients. I am a sucker for ‘rugged’ food and this goes down well with me.

Panna cotta


A cold end to a satisfying lunch. Well done panna cotta.

The lunch was not over the top and neither was it underwhelming. Nick & Max demonstrated the true essence of their cookbook. Seductive recipes for intimate dining is printed loud and clear on the front cover. I dare say that they have lived up to that expectation.

Who says that women are only charmed by men who wine and dine them at expensive restaurants? Majority of us rather have a guy who can flip eggs just as well as he can filet a fish.

The art of seduction through food is a fool-proof technique. Tease the five senses properly and you have a successful date. Trust me, no one can say no to a fantastic meal.

I bought their cookbook that same day and I look forward to cooking from it, soon. Yes, a bachelorette can use it too you know.


Bachelor’s Banquet is now on the best selling shelves of Kinokuniya in Singapore and Periplus all throughout Indonesia. It is also sold at 25 degree Celcius.

The test kitchen that Nick & Max cooked from is also a neat little book cafe selling gastronomic literature and cookbooks. I am a fan of that place and highly recommend it to other food crazy individuals.

25 degree Celcius is at 25 Keong Saik Road, #01-01
Tel: 6327 8389
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am to 7pm

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stargirl commented on May 28, 2010 at 11:09 pm

that’s a beautifully presented oyster!


Adithya commented on September 22, 2010 at 2:27 pm

I’m so heading there one of these days..
wait, maybe tomorrow!!


James commented on July 28, 2014 at 1:19 am


ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!…

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