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I believe that in life, as well as in love, excitement is de rigueur. It is something I thrive on and have only experienced a couple of times in my life. The time when I was selling my bakes during school holidays, when I was in Paris, hunting down patisseries like Sadaharu Aoki and Pierre Hermes on Rue de Vaiguard, the first time I sat on an airplane, or when I met David Rocco in person and took a photo with him. Yes, you know where I’m getting at.

To quote Katy Perry (yes I am a fan) – it’s that particular hummingbird heartbeat; that natural combustion when you combine adrenalin and endorphins and blood chemistry. The moment of satisfaction, peace and piercing happiness.

It’s the shocking yellow to a grey canvas. It’s the lava chocolate cake on a gloomy day.

Each of us have our own measurement of excitement. For me, crazy things like night-cycling till dawn, or yummy things like Tampopo’s Chiffon Cake excite me.

Then there’s baking.

At night, in the am. Something like 1am.

It’s like being involved in food porn at obsence hours. With my fingers coated with chocolate batter or gooey vanilla cupcake bits. I swear that in reality it’s a scene out of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ – picture guilty kid and a messed-up kitchen/bedroom/garden.

But I dig it.


And even more so when the person who excites me to no end, enjoys baking. With me.

I call it a triple win. The baking bit, the baking with him bit and the eating bit. It’s really kitchen chemistry. Besides, I always think it’s downright sexy to be messing up the kitchen with the one you love. And I do mean it in the cleanest way possible.

We’ve only ever cooked once. So I was thrilled that I was able to bring him to the baking class I was invited to last Saturday at Le Grand Chef. It’s a new culinary education facility located pretty near my home on Telok Kurau Road.


We didn’t know what we were going to bake, until that Saturday. Talk about suspense.

There were two recipes to ‘conquer’ and we found it a breeze. It helped that the two cakes were simple – Banana Passionfruit Cake and Black & White cupcakes.


As with most cooking classes, ours began with the chef instructor demonstrating said steps before we were left to our own devices to bake the cakes.

The first one was really easy. Mash this, mash that, add this, add that, mix it up, and mix somemore and viola….


There’s your sweet and tangy batter.

I believed this was the first time he had ever baked something from scratch. I do admit that at some point, I became quite bossy. The inner perfectionist got the better of me. I am sure the other participants thought I was taking it way too seriously – “Don’t overmix!”, “You sure you whipped the cream cheese well before you added the egg?”, “No no, beat somemore, beat the butter and sugar until it is pale yellow!”.

If someone did that to me, I wouldn’t have been as patient as he was.

The two hours whizzed past and before you know it, our bakes were in and out of the oven.


When I wasn’t busy fussing over how he mixed the batter, I was eyeing our cakes in the oven. I was afraid they would be burnt.

Who am I kidding. I was just looking forward to tasting them.


Chef instructor Cecilia Hough was a great help. Her instructions were clear and she answered our queries well.


By the end of the class, all I wanted to do was to sit. My feet were aching so much!

You could say that was my only gripe during the class. I would have liked to sit at times. Baking is a very tiring activity.

We had plenty of fun but most of all, we bonded and I think for once, he understood why I adore baking. It was our first time baking together and it won’t be our last.


Le Grand Chef at OSAC
TEL: +65 63445178
1 Lorong J, Telok Kurau, Singapore 425792
Facebook: Le Grand Chef

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