Blood Red Desire

Red Velvet Cake

As a safe, and very amateur baker, I like to stick to my guns about what I know best. Chocolate chunk cookies, apple pie, brownies, cupcakes, and repeat cycle. My repertoire has undoubtedly stagnated. Work, life, and all other distractions had drowned out that innate desire just to bake. Like passion becoming white noise.

Wait wait. Before you think I’m going to close this blog. Let’s just say that the passion, the desire to bake. It is not gone. I found that out recently. I’ve been baking up a storm almost every week for the past month. A  jolt (or a muse, whatever you call it) was the prescription I needed. A new friend of mine (who is an inspiration just by what he does for a living), asked me one day to describe in vivid detail what I envisioned my bakery to look like – decor, smell, ambience, menu. As much as I have daydreamed about my bakery, I’ve honestly never sat down to think deep and imagine it as if it were real. After I was done describing, he said he could visualise it pretty well.

That for me, was a lovely reminder. That if someone could ‘see’ it, surely I could bloody well make sure I see it through since it’s one of my first love. If you desire something that much. Make it happen.

So I could see no way forward than to dig up my KitchenAid and start to wear it out. It would mark one of the many new changes and experiences this year has brought me.

And last Sunday I mustered the courage to bake something utterly new. Surprisingly, although it’s one of my favourite cakes, I have never baked it. Until now.

Red Velvet Cake

Red ‘bloody’ velvet cake. It’s so simple I was afraid I would ruin it. But guess what? It was easy as hell!

Red Velvet Cake

Layered cakes are something I am determined to master. You will notice that the frosting didn’t hold at the last layer. Ah well, we all start somewhere don’t we.

I brought it to my acting class (something new I’m challenging myself with!) last night and everyone enjoyed it. Dare I say it made it easier for me to break the ice and make new friends since it was also the very first class!

When in doubt, make red velvet cake. This is my new mantra 😉

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