Sprucin’ up ma brunch

Brunch @ Spruce

How do you recharge your batteries during the weekend?

We each have a particular prescription we give ourselves when we know it is time to refuel after five days of hard work. Mine is very simple – spontaneity. Yes, I usually decide on the day of. It doesn’t really matter if I end up waking at noon on Saturday. It’s permissible.

Nothing is as liberating as knowing that you have nowhere to be, no one to answer to (except God of course) and just a road full of endless possibilities. Oh you don’t know the buzz I get out of it.

The number one spontaneous weekend activity that always charges up my batteries? BRUNCH. Without fail. And since I am a creature of habit, Spruce is always my go-to place.

Brunch @ Spruce

Most recently, I arranged an impromptu brunch and brought a friend there as he had not been before. I take a kick out of pretending I know all the best brunch places when all I do is go back to my usual favourites. Shhh… don’t tell 😉

Turns out it is no fun being a creature of habit because while I was ordering my usual Big Brekkie, my companion asked the wait staff if Eggs Royale was on the menu. Turns out it wasn’t but they could make it. What was this royal sounding egg I asked? Blimey, it was just smoked salmon and eggs benedict. Pfft. Royal, I thought? Pretentious more like it. So I waited so see the ‘wonder’.

When it arrived, I stayed silent. I was enamoured by the beautiful salmon that was laid over two poached eggs.

Brunch @ Spruce

Try it, he said. Ok, don’t mind if I do. Did I mention how they served it on waffles? Best idea ever. Was I just a noob or was I just plain igorant? Turns out it was both and much more.

My fork went through it, and the oozy golden yolk spilled out like molten lava, and together with the salty salmon, fluffy waffles and hollandaise sauce which I stuffed all at once in my huge mouth, I let them sit so that the flavours will mingle.

Then I chewed. Slowly. The creamy, salty, spongy textures came together and all at once I lifted my eyebrows and went ‘whoa, this is good shit’.

That my friends is how you should spruce up your weekend brunch where ever you are. Not quite life-changing but it changed my perception of brunch. That I should have Eggs Royale for brunch now, instead of beans, bacon and sausage.

Perhaps I will have Bacon Egg Royale. Now that will be a mighty treat!

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