Cheat Chocolate Dessert

Quick & Easy Chocolate Braid

The internet is full of amazing factoids, memes, prank videos and basically shortcuts on just about anything.

Imagine my awe when I saw this glorious video by Buzzfeed food last week:

Aren’t you glad man invented the internet? I enjoy baking but these days when I’m busy, sometimes, the thought of spending 4 to 5 hours in the kitchen can be a deterrent.

Quick & Easy Chocolate Braid

So if a trip to a super-market and 20 minutes is all it takes to make a gorgeously chocolatey gooey pastry then I’m jumping on the quick & fast band-wagon.

Quick & Easy Chocolate Braid

Yep this is not au pain chocolat but hey, at least it has crisp texture and the decadent chocolate touch we all know and love.

Do try this recipe please. And keep it in your back pocket whenever you have a last-minute dinner party. Your friends will be uber impressed.

PS. I used 78% dark chocolate.

Posted on 3rd Jan 2016 in dark chocolate, dessert, Uncategorized


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