I am a picnic pro.


Tell me you if you think the apple pie above looks irresistibly charming?

No, I don’t need you to tell me. I know so.

I haven’t become cocky. Just confident. I’ve baked the pie so many times, I am proud to say it’s my go-to ‘show-off’ pie. Heh!

Yes. What good is it to tell you I love to bake when I cannot prove it?

When I am challenged, I bring my game on. And by game, I mean picnic of course. Picnics are the best way to ‘strut’ your stuff. You bake, you cook, you bring your good self and good company, you’ll be anyone’s best friend. It’s a trick I learnt. That’s how I get people to like me. Ok I’m kidding. I just love to unwind with a picnic once in a while.

And I did, recently at my favourite spot at the Botanic Gardens. Almost everything was prepared by me myself and I. Best discovery out of this picnic was this:

A perfect example of the beauty of random glorious things combined to bring your tastebuds to another dimension. From that to this might not look much:


But spread that pumpkin-hue paste onto a baguette, with some grilled meat and you’ve got yourself a clear winner. I call it the Awesome Picnic Sriracha Guac-Mayo Chip Sandwich (not very original but that will do).


With that sandwich, some nectarines, my homemade basil pesto bow-tie pasta, hummus, Camembert and juice, the picnic was bound to be a success. I even had my go-to picnic blankie. Come on, if you’re going to do a picnic, you jolly well bring on the red and white checkers or else go home!



Ok now who wants to hire me as their picnicker? Would you pay me to prepare your picnic? Well if you invite me, I’ll give you a discount maybe? Viable?

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My Pie Discovery


Blessed are those hungry in appetite, that they be surrounded by great pies and coffee, and cuisine from Indian to Thai, to exotic (think turtle soup!) and the common (McDonald’s), for they shall find culinary comfort day after day.

Yes I am one of those blessed people. And I say this with sincere gratitude to God. No jokes. Where I work, I am spoiled for choice when it is lunch time. Which makes me very excited every single day. Having worked where I’m working for 2 years + now, I have seen eateries come and go. The saddest exit that I still mourn over, is the closure of the Indian coffeeshop just opposite my shophouse office. Sigh.


But as they always say – when one door closes, another one opens. Hell-ya! Since mid last year, so many cool outfits have opened within 1 km of my office. Hurrah! Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Broers, L’etoile, Suprette are some of the gems that I visit quite so often. They’ve been blogged to death so I don’t see a need to expound on how great they are.

But the latest addition to the neighbourhood – Windowsill Pies have gotten me all hot and bothered, in all the right ways so I have to declare my love here!

Pies/tarts are a tricky thing to bake and through my personal attempts (apple pie, kiwi tart etc), I have learnt how difficult it is to get all the pie-components right. For me, a good pie has to have a: crisp crust and base, decent filling (if it’s an apple pie, give me my apples, don’t stinge!), and a good balance of flavours (sweet & salty is my fav combo at this moment. no surprises there). And I’m very surprised that Windowsill Pies does all these to perfection! Many times, I’ve lamented about the lack of good pie shops (it’s sad to have to go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for a pie fix. it’s a coffee joint for goodness sake!) here. Whoever the pie guru behind Windowsill Pies is, I want to salute you. Your pies are a bit pricey ($7.60+ per slice) and I baulked at it first. But once I tasted the first forkful, I was sorry I complained about the price in the first place.


You guys have got it right in so many ways.

Your pies are a huge draw and better yet, your decor – makes me want to come back again and again.
Such whimsy!


From your wooden larger than life tree, to the side ceiling to floor window area, to your furniture and adorable tree door handle. I wouldn’t mind living in your cafe. This is the exact style I would follow for my own future house. Seriously!


Though I have yet to try their entire repertoire, I am confident that the rest of their pies are great as well. At least that’s what I’ve heard from online chatter.

I did enjoy the two slices I had: The Sam Willows & the Strawberry Lemon Tart. The Sam Willows Pie is ‘a quartet of pear, peanut butter, hazelnuts and rosemary’ (from their site). This is a combination I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Loved the pear and while I was trying to guess the cream layers at the bottom (hazelnut, rosemary and peanut butter), I thought it worked. Like I said – salty, sweet pairings are my current loves. I don’t normally describe pies as fragrant. But this one was. I like sniffing my food. Yes, I’m weird that way but hey I loved the scent of The Sam Willows.

The Strawberry Lemon Tart – if you have a low tolerance for sour, then you shouldn’t try it. Myself, however, I lapped it up like a hungry puppy. I think they used Meyer Lemons (these have a slightly sweet profile, even though it’s lemony sour.) for these. Think of it like lemon curd mixed with tarty sweet strawberry jam. ┬áSo so good.

Come to this side of the woods if you ever feel like having some good pie. It’s worth a trip I tell you.

As for me, haha, I’m still laughing happily at the convenience of having this place just a stone’s throw away from my office. :)


Windowsill Pies
78 Horne Road
9004 7827

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