Little Surprise in the Neighbourhood

Christmas 2015

Sometimes, I wish I was not that much of a lightweight in the alcohol department. Especially since my personal chef makes his own beer. The poor soul (or lucky dude haha) has to finish all his craft beer every batch. Quite a drudgery eh.

If I could, I would definitely make it a point to drink all the delicious sounding craft beers at Little Island Brewery Co. Since that’s not going to happen anytime soon, both of us dropped by recently to savour their lunch offerings.

The portions were not that little. And they were pretty tasty portions too. We had the burger and beef brisket. The brisket was fork-tender and roasted to a delightful char (my favourite bits). The burger was impressive too. Nothing super fancy sounding and no truffle aioli but it held its own.

Christmas 2015

We will definitely be back real soon! Psst. this is such a romantic casual place to bring dates – so near Changi Beach, and so easy to ask your crush for a walk by the sea 😉

Little Island Brewery Co
Address: 6 Changi Village Rd, 509907

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Last Lunch of 2015

Carvers & Co

In a few hours, we would have tied up an entire year of good, bad and blah eats. 2015 has been pretty darn fantastic. I’ve been eating well in Bali, Penang, KL, Tokyo and even Yangon. 

But some of the best meals I’ve had were in Singapore. This includes new restaurants like Alma, Maca, Little Island Brewery and my usual favourites Artichoke and Mrs. Pho. 

Today, on a super random day that happens to be the last day of 2015, Daryl suggested Carvers & Co for lunch. “What a pretentious name for a place. Trying too hard to be hipster much?” I said apprehensively. Then he clicked on the website and the pink roast on the landing page won my heart. 😉

Carvers & Co

Our meal was simple. And by simple, I do mean only a sweet potato chips with salted egg yolk mayo, burger, fish & chips, and this fantastic dessert called the crack pie (yes of Momofuku fame). 

The chips were liberally sprinkled with cinnamon and the sweetness proved a great match with the sharpness of the mayo (which really didn’t have a salted egg yolk taste). 

Char is so important because of the smokey flavour it imparts to the meat and I’ve never had a burger with this crucial element. This rich component is even more delicious with the homemade ketchup. Who even makes ketchup these days? These fellows really know what they’re doing.

Carvers & Co

Good fish and chips are hard to come by in Singapore. Two elements make the ideal English favourite – batter & freshess. Their batter was crisp and stayed firm, allowing me to pick up the whole slab for tartare sauce dipping. The fish was so fresh, flakey and tasty. Impressive.

Carvers & Co

Dessert. Crack pie. Addictive stuff really. I checked out the recipe and the ingredients seem simple enough – milk, butter, sugar. If I can make this, it will be amazing. Crack pie all damn day baby. 

Carvers & Co

Oh and did I mention, the coffee is one of the best I’ve had. 

Allow me a second to take a deep breath and realise that I have just stumbled upon a rare find. 

Carvers & Co, we might be best friends sooner than you think. 

Carvers & Co
43 East Coast Road
Singapore 428764

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