Last Lunch of 2015

Carvers & Co

In a few hours, we would have tied up an entire year of good, bad and blah eats. 2015 has been pretty darn fantastic. I’ve been eating well in Bali, Penang, KL, Tokyo and even Yangon. 

But some of the best meals I’ve had were in Singapore. This includes new restaurants like Alma, Maca, Little Island Brewery and my usual favourites Artichoke and Mrs. Pho. 

Today, on a super random day that happens to be the last day of 2015, Daryl suggested Carvers & Co for lunch. “What a pretentious name for a place. Trying too hard to be hipster much?” I said apprehensively. Then he clicked on the website and the pink roast on the landing page won my heart. 😉

Carvers & Co

Our meal was simple. And by simple, I do mean only a sweet potato chips with salted egg yolk mayo, burger, fish & chips, and this fantastic dessert called the crack pie (yes of Momofuku fame). 

The chips were liberally sprinkled with cinnamon and the sweetness proved a great match with the sharpness of the mayo (which really didn’t have a salted egg yolk taste). 

Char is so important because of the smokey flavour it imparts to the meat and I’ve never had a burger with this crucial element. This rich component is even more delicious with the homemade ketchup. Who even makes ketchup these days? These fellows really know what they’re doing.

Carvers & Co

Good fish and chips are hard to come by in Singapore. Two elements make the ideal English favourite – batter & freshess. Their batter was crisp and stayed firm, allowing me to pick up the whole slab for tartare sauce dipping. The fish was so fresh, flakey and tasty. Impressive.

Carvers & Co

Dessert. Crack pie. Addictive stuff really. I checked out the recipe and the ingredients seem simple enough – milk, butter, sugar. If I can make this, it will be amazing. Crack pie all damn day baby. 

Carvers & Co

Oh and did I mention, the coffee is one of the best I’ve had. 

Allow me a second to take a deep breath and realise that I have just stumbled upon a rare find. 

Carvers & Co, we might be best friends sooner than you think. 

Carvers & Co
43 East Coast Road
Singapore 428764

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Botak Jones

Would you just check that cheese out?

That melted mass on top those large brown crusted pieces of lovely fish…

Pure bliss.

As if you don’t know.

How much I love cheese.

The 3 glorious ‘C’s – they rock my world….

Cheese, Chocolate, Chilli…. oh let me throw 3 more: cupcakes, cookies, curry.

hahaha. so sue me. i know it sounds lame! but right now, I can only rely on delicious food to cheer me up.

Yep, exams begin in 2 days – and I’m up to my head with all the revision. Not to mention the number crunching. Oh you don’t wanna know. I know I’m a sociology major and I shouldn’t be flirting with numbers but oh well I have this data analysis module (think statistics) that I have to take or else I can’t graduate.

Sooooo…. when Cheryl’s stressed or down, she brightens her day with good food. And when it’s good food that’s reeeally good, it’s an absolute bonus.

Right now, Botak Jones falls under my ‘good food’ category.

I’ve been wanting to try their burgers & fish n chips for eons. Heard so much about it but never had the time to make my way down. Okay, maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to travel so far! They have 6 outlets now but they’re nowhere near the East.

Hey you guys from Botak Jones, if you’re reading this, please please do open one in Bedok or Marine Parade? I promise I’ll come by ever so often! :p

Well until they actually do open one in the East, I’d have to travel farrrr… okay maybe not that far, considering how small Singapore is!

At least I was around the area when I dropped by Botak Jones on Sunday. Was at St. Anne’s Church helping out with the outreach and the gang was thinking of places to lunch at. I immediately thought of Botak Jones! I mean Sengkang can’t be too far from Ang Mo Kio no?

Thankfully everyone else felt like having burgers & fish for lunch… so we went down… and i have NO REGRETS.

Check this out and you’ll understand:

This set meal is known as the “U-Crazy-What?” ($14).

Shared it with Alvin since we both thought it was going to be super humongous considering what his friends told him. But when it arrived, we thought it wasn’t that crazy. Sure, it was yummy but haha not that scary. Mmm or maybe because we’re huge eaters. It’s actually 3 beef batties, 150g each. We gave one to Stefan, who was starving and only had $1! Poor thing… Stefan, I will teach you how to cook, and you must cook good food for Eunice! 😉 Anyway, I thought the patties were really good though: juicy & tasty. I liked it!:

Don’t you feel like having a bite now? ;p

Here’s the Cajun Chicken that Evan had. I think he orderd the large ($13) one. It was huge! There were two huge pieces of chicken (leg and thigh). Both were char-grilled with mozarella cheese and topped with a spicy cajun sauce. Mmmm.. check out the cheese!

Adrian ordered some barbecued chicken wings ($1.50 each, min 3 per order) on top of his fish and chips… These were really yum. Loved the fact that they used garlic.

His fish and chips was HUGE…. but yummy nonetheless.

Loads of cheese, how can one not love it? I read that they use premium pacific dory, not the cheap cream one and that they season the fish then bread it with japanese bread crumbs. It’s the most popular item of the menu and I can see why. Honestly, I’m really craving for some this very moment as I type this. It comes with fries and coleslaw and they’re really generous with their portions. I think Adrian got the large version ($10.50). I am so going to order this the next time I drop by…

Botak Jones, I should have met you long ago. I’m sorry I only got to visit now! And I hear that the Ang Mo Kio one is shifting. I hope it’s some where more accessible.

Ahhhh who is up for Botak Jones? Call me, anytime!


Botak Jones
*They have outlets in Tuas, Clementi, Toa Payoh, Depot Road, Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio. Check out their website for the exact location

*Edit – 22 April 08* – They opened a Bedok outlet a few months back. It’s at Bedok North Ave 2, Blk 412. It’s just behind the library. Check the map on their website for more details. I ate there a couple of months back but wasn’t too impressed. There should be more QC.

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