Corn Crostinis and then some

Row of corn crostini
simple but yummy corn crostinis made by my fifth aunt

Last sunday, I was at my grannie’s place and we had a mini celebration of sorts. It’s her 70th birthday this week and so, a few of my aunts got together, cooked up some dishes and brought to her place to makan (malay for eat).

My fifth aunt made some delicious corn crostinis, char siew, and durian swiss rolls. When I saw the crostinis, I immediately whisked some away and took a few shots, and that’s what you are staring at now. It’s her own creation so I don’t have any recipe. But if i’m not wrong, she did tell me that she used corn, mushrooms, carrots, coriander leaves, and cheese. I’ll check with her and post it here soon. But here’s an even closer shot:

Corn Crostini
can you see the corn, mushrooms, coriander and carrots?

Now, I’m not sure if most of you know this, but I have 7 aunts on my mum’s side and the coolest thing is, they ALL can cook and bake darn well. Maybe it’s in the genes. Afterall, my grannie is a great cook (I love staying at her place cos I get to eat her delicious food!). But I think, something went wrong when she ‘made’ my mum.

My own mother simply CANNOT cook for nuts. She hates cooking, dislikes being in the kitchen and dreads having to provide us with lunch or dinner. I still cannot figure it out. That’s why I’m always complaining to my cousins how jealous I am of them.

Oh how I envy how my other cousins get to enjoy wonderful food everyday while I have to make do with my mum’s rather bland and icky cooking. I know I sound rather mean here, but it’s the blatant truth and my mum knows it. She knows she can’t cook and she doesn’t bother trying. Haha, but oh she loves to eat.

I guess one of the reasons why I love cooking and baking so much, is because I want to be able to produce my own meals and not having to depend on anyone (like my mum). I enjoy good food and I love it when I am successful in my culinary attempts. I also thank God that at least my dad is a wonderful cook. I totally dig his Peranakan dishes and basically anything he whips up. His birthday is coming up soon (this friday!) and I intend to show my appreciation by cooking something for him, but I have no idea what. Anyone knows of a sure-fire dish to win his tastebuds? =)

Anyway, I do think I can credit my cooking and baking abilities to my aunts, especially my youngest aunt whom i’m the closest too. I visit her place ever so often and whenever I do, I’ll assist her when she’s baking bread or making some chiffon cake. I love her poppy seed chiffon cake!!! It’s the best. And her bread? She doesn’t buy bread, but bakes her own… so whenever I pop by, they’ll always be loaves in the freezer and I love eating them for breakfast.

All right, enough rambling for now. I can simply be thankful that my grannie’s, my aunts’ and my dad’s cooking genes were passed on to me! at least I know I won’t have to make do with instant noodles and starve if there’s no one at home….

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ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!!…

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