Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee

Nam Sing Hokkien Mee Stall
Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee at Old Airport Road

Old Airport Road’s hawker centre has been a popular haunt of mine lately. Despite always leaving the place with bbq chicken scented hair and sweaty clothes, I still insist on going back there again and again. This hawker centre is a classic. You know how the same goes for Maxwell Food Centre? These places have history, and most of the time, the stalls are passed down from generation to generation. I guess food does taste more delicious (I shan’t discuss if it’s psychological!) when one knows how much time and effort was spent crafting the recipe, or maybe finding it.

I’m not sure if you have heard of this absolutely famous fried hokkien mee stall. It has been featured on Makansutra once. Called Nam Sing, this humble stall doesn’t look like much but its food speaks for itself. There are many versions of fried hokkien mee out there. But the one that Nam Sing serves is a tad different – he uses rice vermicelli with egg noodles instead of the usual thick white & yellow egg noodles. Nam Sing’s fried hokkien mee is light and uber tasty. Check it out:


It has alot of seafood as you can see. I really enjoyed eating this. It’s cheap too (as with most hawker food), at $3 a plate. You know, I’ve been wanting to savour their yummy noodles since forever but the other times when i was eating at Old Airport Road, it was closed by 8pm++. I think it’s because they had finished selling all their noodles!

Anyway, I brought Amy here on Tuesday and she loved it. She also tried this same noodles and was sold. She even bought a Singapore cookbook for her mum. It certainly is highly interesting finding out what other non-locals think of our food, culture, atomosphere etc. Haha but I find it amusing that the dear girl has yet to try our chicken rice. I told her I’d have to bring her to the one at Maxwell Road Food Centre – the stall which Anthony Bourdain patronised when he was dining there. Pardon my bias but if Bourdain says it’s good, it’s good! 🙂

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ying commented on June 25, 2006 at 4:26 am

it’s good! the maxwell food centre’s chicken rice is the best i’ve ever had…


Roy commented on July 27, 2014 at 10:06 am


thanks for information!!…

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