Christmas Flog Exchange

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! Are you in the mood yet?

If not, then I guess this announcement might just get you into the Christmas mood.

Sam of The Hinata Diaries and June of Nibble & Scribble are organising a Christmas Flog Exchange.

How to take part? Simply send them a mail at and include your name, blog url, postal address and wish by this Thursday, December 14. They will publish the completed wish list the next day (Friday, December 15), after which you have one week to sign up to fulfil someone else’s wish. Needless to say, you only get to make a wish if you’re gonna fulfil someone else’s in return 🙂

To keep things fun and friendly, you can wish for anything food-related that’s under S$20. It can be something specific (e.g. a box of organic cherries) or something that requires a bit of creativity on your wish fulfiller’s part (e.g. “the best cupcakes you’ve ever eaten”).

Of course, feel free to spread the word on your own blogs and get more people involved! Depending on the response, we can either organize a gift exchange get-together or a simpler blogging-by-mail exchange (hence the request for your snail mail address).

So get wishing!

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