An Fu Restaurant

Does this scare you???

“Not for the faint-hearted” the email stated.

That disclaimer was quite redundant I thought. Especially since it clearly stated Sichuan. hahaha… not that I would be fazed, but seriously, it only made me look forward to it. The email had a long menu attached to it, most of which just made me curious. Having never experienced authentic Sichuan cuisine, I was more than game.

It was to be a fiery night with a generous amount of peppers and chilli oil.

RED was the colour of the night. Everything looked RED.

I went home with red lips still pounding from the heat and believe me when I say that my lips were still stinging this morning.

This is what you get when you voluntarily indulge in yet another of the deliciously exciting Makansutra gatherings organised by Makansutra forum members. The exuberant K.F. Seetoh was there too. The entire restaurant was filled with us foodies, some of whom are food bloggers like myself.

Perhaps I’ll just cut and paste the entire menu here:

Cold dishes:
1) Cold chicken in spicy sauce ???
2) Sliced pork in garlic sauce ????
3) Pork tripe in chilli oil ????
4) Black fungus in Vinegar and ginger sauce ?????
5) Preserved mixed vegetables ????

Hot dishes:
1) Tyrant Crab ????
2) Salt and pepper prawn cake ????
3) Chongqing Fried chicken with dried chilli ?????
4) Water boiled beef served with plain noodle ???????
5) Hometown style Duck ?????
6) Cold Wok Fish slices ????
7) Assorted mushroom and fungus in chicken oil sauce????
8 ) Ma Po Dou fu ????

Water melon with white fungus.?????

See what I mean? I really didn’t know what I got myself into. All I know is that I was going to go with an open mind and empty stomach. Thank God I’m a chilli person. My chilli threshold is rather high.

There are plenty of photos and since almost everything was cooked in Sichuan peppers and peppercorns, it won’t make a difference if I try to describe every dish one by one. The food was yummy, though I heard that this wasn’t as authentic as it should be. Well well, a Sichuan greenhorn like me won’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

Enjoy the photos and if you cannot take spices, I reckon that you just scroll quickly.. haha lest you be frightened by the oily redness. They do use plenty of chilli oil mind you.

People who cannot take chilli should NEVER visit this restaurant. I mean it! hahaha… okay I’ll just go ahead and tell you about this person at our table who simply cannot take spices. That poor dude was sweating so much and hardly touched the dishes. I found it hilarious but not in a rude way… haha… oh gosh… I bet he regretted coming.

Anyway, I’ll let the photos tell the story…

Cold chicken in spicy sauce

Sliced pork in garlic sauce

Okay, this one.. I have to talk about. The highlight was more to do with the garlic sauce. It’s basically this bowl of red chilli oil with minced roasted garlic… Very fragrant and tasty… The pork tasted great with the sauce. Put lots of it on my rice.

Pork tripe in chilli oil

Black fungus in Vinegar and ginger sauce

Preserved mixed vegetables

That which you see is a very webbed duck’s foot. I didn’t eat the foot but I ate most of the vegetables. The foot looked raw! No way was I going to eat it… Hardly anyone at our table ate it. Well only one but I think he just put it on his plate. haha.

Tyrant Crab

Ahh… this one is HOT. there were sooooo many Sichuan peppers under the crabs. When I was eating it with my bare hands I knew that my eyes would sting when I try to take out my contact lenses from my eyes tonight. This is the bomb.

Salt and pepper prawn cake

A mild dish, this was rather light and easy on the tummy.

Chongqing Fried chicken with dried chilli

Tried to figure out if it was duck or chicken but concluded that it was chicken. The duck one came out soon after and it looked as if they used the same sauce. My duck photo was too blur so didn’t put it up.

Water boiled beef served with plain noodle

You cannot see the beef because the thick oily chilli laden soup has covered it! But I like this dish. The beef was tender. The sauce was tasty too. But like I said, there’s so much oil…. Half the time we were wonder if the people in Sichuan province really consumed that much oil everyday.

Cold Wok Fish slices

Totally fell in love with the fish. Tender and melts in your mouth. But I made the mistake of drinking the oil. You see that glistening layer on top? Yea that’s the oil.
I thought it was clear soup. hahaha

Assorted mushroom and fungus in chicken oil sauce

Ma Po Dou fu

This was a tad disappointing. There wasn’t enough flavour. Sure it was spicy but it was flat as well. No omph!

Oh the pot sticklers (guo tie) were yummy…

and haha I took the liberty of taking a photo of the chilli oil of one of the dishes so you have a better idea of what I mean when I say oil-laden dishes.

Scared yet?

Here’s the harmless dessert:

Water melon with white fungus

Someone actually wondered if the dessert was going to be spicy as well. Haha, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were! They served dessert earlier because apparently some peoples’ tongues were on fire and needed serious dousing!

Honestly, the food was not that scary. Well to me at least. I thought it could have been spicier. I think I really like Sichuan food. Can’t imagine how it must taste like back in their hometown…


An Fu Restaurant
#01-06/07 Balestier Road
Tel: 6254-3266
Open 11:30am to 3am

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Jim commented on July 26, 2007 at 8:24 pm

That crab looks amazing. And any dish with “Tyrant” in its name automatically raises its awesomeness potential.


the baker commented on July 29, 2007 at 3:46 pm

i couldn’t agree more. it was good and fiercely spicy 🙂


T.J commented on August 6, 2007 at 4:25 pm

Though we share a common passion. Cooking domestically and professionally are two different ball games. I have worked in the kitchen for the past 4 years while studying in NTU and have seen my fair share of what goes on behind the scenes. If you wish to enrol in LCB or CIA for the fun of it then its fine. But if you wish to make that career switch i’d advise you against doing so.


the baker commented on August 6, 2007 at 5:15 pm

hmmm t.j. i am well aware of that. perhaps you think i’m this enthusiastic girl who thinks the kitchen is like a cheery playground. my dad was a cook and i know the shite behind the scenes so don’t worry, i know what i’m dealing with 🙂 thanks for the heads up anyway.


Infophile commented on August 29, 2007 at 12:30 am

I am thinking of going to Ah Fu Restaurant for a friend’s birthday. How are theprices like?


Benjamin commented on July 30, 2014 at 2:27 pm



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