Cooking with Mr. Surreal Gourmet

Chances are, if you have mad hair, no one will forget you. Especially if you have a wacky TV show. Make that a food show. Everyone enjoys a wacky food show. Throw in a supercool toaster mobile and you’ve got eye-brows raised. What a combination eh? Mad hair + simple-to-cook food + a super cool toaster mobile.

Of course that combination has to come with lots and lots of personality. If there’s anyone on food tv right now that has the most personality, it’s got to be Bob. I first knew about Bob Blumer when I was a kid, with my eyes glued to the television. I cannot remember how old I was. But I will never forget the first time I saw Bob cooking in his toaster mobile. I told myself that someday, I will own a moving gigantic toaster like this. And who can forget his mad wiry hair! What a great tv memory this was for me.

So imagine my excitement when Discovery Travel & Living dropped me an email with an invite to cook with Mr. Surreal Gourmet himself. Yes the show was called “The Surreal Gourmet”. I believe it is still shown on television once in a while. Bob was in town to promote the third season of “Glutton for Punishment“, a culinary adventure show of sorst. In it, Bob takes up various culinary challenges that range from taking a crash course in scuba diving and harvesting sea urchins by raking them into a bag on the ocean floor without getting “spined” to flipping pancakes in order to break the Guinness World Record for the most pancakes made in an hour. It’s crazy stuff I tell you. Only Bob can manage something like that and live to tell the tale, with a huge grin.

Too bad he did not perform any ‘stunts’ that night. But he did teach us a trick or two, about cooking. This was after all a cooking session with the ever talented and charismatic Bob.

The evening turned out to be really fun. This cooking session was held in the At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. Elaine of Divine Joy Bites was there too – that made it even better. She’s a sweet girl and I met her at this year’s Food Blogger’s Lunch at Gunthers (which I was too lazy to blog about!). We had so much fun. Here’s a sneak peek at what we produced at the end of three hours:

Coconut shrimp lollipops!
After deep-frying…
What a wacky display eh? Oh the sauce that we made, brought the lollipops up a notch. It’s an apricot-ginger dipping sauce.
Next, was chocolate kiss wantons. It’s really just Hershey’s kisses, banana and peanut butter wrapped in Chinese wanton skins. Sounds simple but tastes phenomenal. But that’s only because I am a complete sucker for the ‘chocolate, banana & peanut butter’ combination.
After they’re fried. Look! Golden delicious pyramids….
And they’re best eaten when hot. Mmmm.
Bob is a really fun cook. It is really not easy to entertain while cooking. But Bob, well, he does it so smoothly, you wouldn’t be able to tell if he’s rattled or not. He does everything with a charming smile.
Putting the final touches on his chicken popsicles, which by the way are the easiest party food you can ever make. Email me if you want the recipe.
Did I mention how delicious these popsicles were?
One more for the cameras…. Elaine and I were indeed charmed by Bob, as you can tell 🙂
My deepest appreciation to the lovely Discovery Travel & Living team for organising this and inviting me.
I will always remember this day. Don’t think I ever imagined I would meet Mr. Mad-hair ever. A worthy food-memory to keep and tell my grand kids for sure. But then I don’t think they would care. But it’s really okay. ____________________________________________________________________

Glutton for Punishment 3 premieres every Thursday at 2230hrs starting July 23. Encores air on Sunday at 0200hrs and Tuesday at 0800hrs on Discovery Travel & Living (Starhub Channel 16).

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