The Miele Guide Gala Dinner 2009

Last year, when I was at The Miele Guide Gala Dinner, it was for work. This year, I came as a guest. So you can imagined how much I enjoyed myself. I was also very happy to see my ex-colleagues and two bosses. It was a night of catching up, and a celebration of Asia’s most talented chefs and restaurateurs.
The Miele Guide needs no introduction. Into its second year, its goal is to elevate the culinary scene in Asia. It clearly strives to give recognition where it is due. Again, I applaud the efforts of the team. Alot of hard work goes into making the guide a reality, so kudos to them.
This year, three guest chefs were invited to cook for 360 guests – Takashi Kimura (Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar, Kuala Lumpur), Rahul Akerkar (Indigo, Mumbai), Diego Martinelli (The Lighthouse, Singapore) and Janice Wong (2am:dessertbar, Singapore). The lavish meal, was very pleasant. How heartening it is to see promising Asian talents come together to make the most out of the ingredients they chose. Not only was there a good balance of texture and taste, but also sight and smell. The dinner was executed well. Well done once again to the team behind The Miele Guide.
Now, onto the food. We started off with a lovely veloute, that was light. Served with a delicate consomme jelly, it was refreshing.
Botan ebi artichoke veloute, consomme jelly

Botan ebi artichoke veloute, consomme jellyThe cod was cooked perfectly and there was good harmony with the kokum kadi. Adored the seafood balchao.Seared Canadian black cod, Poha, seafood balchao and kokum kadi



It is only recently that I have grown to appreciate pork cheek, thanks to a certain friend who’s quite crazy about this part of the animal. So I was delighted to bite into the tender pork cheek that was even better with the pumpkin puree. Combinations like this challenge diners to be adventurous (not saying that this was outlandish. but just slightly out of the norm) and I like when a chef tries to do that. It allows you to sense the soul of the chef cooking your meal. Or maybe I just like to be engaged this way.

Grilled pork cheek, kai lan, pumpkin puree and crispy ginger

Grilled pork cheek, kai lan, pumpkin puree and crispy ginger

Last but not least, Janice’s guava cube. I’ve had this at her dessert bar prior to the dinner so it wasn’t much of a surprise. The choice of ingredients, I thought, was spot on as usual. And anything yuzu, I love. A beautiful symphony, I’d call it.

Guava cube, feijoa, lemongrass lapsang and yuzu

Guava cube, feijoa, lemongrass lapsang and yuzu



And how can I not end the post without introducing to you, two incredibly talented young chefs. You should keep your eyes peeled for this pair. Malcolm Lee and Jackie Lai are the first recipients of The Miele Guide Culinary Scholarships. They have recently graduated from At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy and are excited to embark on the next stage in their lives. Malcolm is actually planning to open a Peranakan outfit soon. I’ve made him promise to keep me in the loop so you’ll be the first to know when he launches it!

 Recipients of last year's Miele Guide Culinary scholarships

Recipients of last year's Miele Guide Culinary scholarships Singaporean recipient of The Miele-WSQ-At-Sunrice Scholarship

This year’s scholars are none other than William Tew and Alex Chim. William’s the Singapore recipient. Alex, a Hong Kong native could not attend the dinner so only William came. I had a short chat with him and found him to be very earnest and eager to strike it out in the culinary world. The interesting thing about him, is that he has a theatre background. That surprised me at first but when you think about it, you’ll find a link between that, and his passion for cooking. Culinary arts is very much like performing – only difference is you perform ‘back-stage’ where no one really sees what you do when you do it. They only get to taste it.

William will start school soon and I am excited for him:

Singaporean recipient of The Miele-WSQ-At-Sunrice Scholarship
Singaporean recipient of The Miele-WSQ-At-Sunrice Scholarship

I look forward to the next edition of The Miele Guide. Till then, I’ll leave you with the Top 20 restaurants as listed in The Miele Guide: Asia’s Top 20 restaurants 2009/2010 

1. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Hong Kong, China 

2. Iggy’s, Singapore 

3. Robuchon a Galera, Macau, China 

4. Jaan par Andre, Singapore 

5. Les Amis, Singapore 

6. Mozaic, Bali, Indonesia 

7. Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine, Singapore 

8. Laris, Shanghai, China 

9. Ku De Ta, Bali, Indonesia 

10. Yung Kee, Hong Kong, China 

11. Bukhara, New Delhi, India 

12. Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant, Beijing, China 

13. Zanotti II Ristorante Italiano, Bangkok, Thailand 

14. M on the Bund, Shanghai, China 

15. Nobu, Hong Kong, China 

16. Caprice, Hong Kong, China 

17. Antonio’s, Cavite, Philippines 

18. Aubergine, Manila, Philippines 

19. Fook Lam Moon, Hong Kong, China 

20. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Tokyo, Japan


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