Scenic Krabi


For the longest time, the impression I had of Krabi was high up there together with the Maldives.

I pictured clear water and beautiful beaches. And I’m thoroughly thrilled to report that Krabi is just that and so much more. We had initially planned to go to Vietnam but decided on Krabi because of all the good things I’ve heard from my friends who went there recently.

So we bought the tickets one night over the phone, because I had checked out the prices on Tiger Airways and found them to be really reasonable. Persuading him didn’t take long. He’ll go anywhere with me. 🙂


I left him to search for a value-for-money hotel. And when he suggested Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort, I thought he was crazy. We don’t have such budget!

But guess what? Because July is the start of the monsoon season, rooms at this resort were going at $100 a night. And it was a big room.


Let me pause and give a shout out to Asia Rooms. We’ve used them many times for our other trips and always end up with lovely accommodation.


After a month of planning (or non-planning simply because we prefer to do things spontaneously), we found ourselves in a wet Krabi. It was drizzling when we arrived. But the sight of our large room was a welcoming sight.


After a bit of unpacking, the sun came out and we went to explore the resort’s pool and the beach in front of it.

We discovered a remote corner of a mini-island and were very pleased with ourselves.

We also garnered a beautiful sea-shell collection:


This post will cover only the scenic part of our itinerary.  Krabi’s grub, will come in the next post.


On the second day, we woke up bright and early at 7am just in time for a quick breakfast (which was brilliant by the way. more on that in the next post) before we left for our 8.30am Phi-phi island tour.

Sheraton offers a superb service that offers guests a wide selection of activities. Both of us wanted to snorkel and were also keen on visiting the Phi-phi islands so  it was not difficult to decide what to do.


There were 5 islands in total that we went to. I cannot remember all the names. But I know that the view was amazing.


Clear waters permitted us to peek into the marine life just below our speedboat.


Maya Bay was a beautiful sight. It was rather crowded but we had lots of fun splashing in the blue ocean.



Then the snorkeling….

Our first time. Definitely won’t be our last. I now know why people love to dive. I want to learn how to dive too.


Swimming with the fishes was such a surreal experience. I was a little afraid that I would feel the fishes at first. I hate slimy things. But thankfully, they couldn’t care less about my existence!



There were many sea urchins at the seabed. Scary!





Snorkeling was the best part of our holiday.

On our last stop, we visited an bustling island and spotted a cool tiger:




On our third and last day, we wanted to take it slow and check out the spots where locals hang out so we visited Krabi Town:


I think it’s so cool to have traffic lights like theirs.


I’m not sure if that’s real gold. But it looks so intricate.

The next few hours in Krabi Town was going to get more exciting.


Because we went cave exploring! Totally unplanned! We were standing at the pier over looking the mangrove swamp and a nice old man asked if we wanted to see a cave, visit fishermen village and check out the mangrove swamps.

Of course we said yes.





The outside of the cave.

Apparently, Thais hid here during the Second World War.


We climbed up the stairs. And were greeted with a magnificent sight:



Come to think of it, it was pretty brave of us to venture out to a cave on our own. The uncle could have left us there to erm die?

Anyway we got ourselves a priceless experience.


Here’s the friendly uncle who spoke only smattering English.


He took us to the villages on water.


We went to a fisherman’s fishfarm that doubled up as a restaurant.


We were presented with Papa pufferfish.


They stay inflated for a while. Poor thing.


Then we met baby pufferfish. So cute right????


And we spotted a monkey!

The whole journey on the longtail boat was about 2 hours. A fruitful 2 hours I must say.

We ended up going for an hour long massage. My brilliant suggestion 🙂 It was so cheap! Only SGD10 for an hour!



And then we went to the night market and bought a whole load of food back to the hotel.

For that, you have to read the next post. Which will come, shortly!

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bookjunkie commented on September 13, 2011 at 6:41 pm

Those shells are gorgeous….I haven’t picked shells since I was a kid…now I want indulge in that relaxing activity again 🙂

Have never been to Krabi….your photos are enticing indeed.

the puffer fish is adorable…but I feel sorry for it too.


Cheryl commented on September 14, 2011 at 6:00 am

it was really fun picking seashells. beautiful memorabilia for our trip.
you should make your way down to Krabi some day. Flights are rather reasonable!


Rick commented on September 26, 2011 at 1:29 am

GREAT write-up about Krabi. Yes, it’s a great place in the world…a real hidden gem. So…have the land already…and I’m planning to build and run a small B&B villa compound for rentals on Ao Nang Beach…full view of the Ao Nang Bay and islands–peaceful, yet right above, on hill above Ao Nang main beach road. Interested, email me! Again, great story about your Krabi adventure. Rick 🙂


Cheryl commented on October 3, 2011 at 10:09 am

Thanks Rick. Oh, cool! when is your B&B opening? Drop me your email and I’ll be sure to contact you the next time I visit Krabi!


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thank you!!…


Benjamin commented on August 23, 2014 at 4:02 am


thanks for information!!…


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