Happy Brownie New Year!


Hershey’s Quick & Easy Fudgey Brownies – my first bake of 2013!

The dust that has settled on this site of mine is now mountain-high. After a year of ‘no-show’, (no thanks to my decision to pour myself into work, happily of course!), it is time this ‘now-rusty-baker-who-cooks-occasionally’ pulls up her socks and conjures up some magic on this domain again.

My elusiveness has probably driven many readers away from here. To them, I say, it’s time to give me a second chance aye! This being a new year, the year I turn 29 (yea I’m that old. but it’s ok, i’m proud of my age), I would like to achieve new goals. Baking and cooking at least once a month (or forthnightly if possible) and try to revive my Cocoa & Butterscotch business. My home kitchen has expanded, plenty thanks to my dad – I now have a lovely engine-red KitchenAid, two Happycall pans, several Neoflam skillets, frying pans and Eco-cook pans, on top of our current sets of WMF saucepans and then some. So I’ve run out of excuses.

On the verge of sounding ultra-cliche, I have to say this – I’m back with a vengence! A delicious one of course. Nothing evil, unless you count food porn as temptation for you to break that diet. To this I say, live life, embrace all the butter, pasta, chocolate & cheese that surrounds you! Just exercise regularly (I’m very satisfied with my current exercise regime, the Insanity Workout program, which I will share more about in another post) and those hips will still be able to bring all the boys to your …yard… dancefloor, whatever!


To kick things off 2013, here is one super simple brownie recipe you can follow even with your eyes closed. Of course I tweaked the sugar portion as usual. Used brown sugar instead and only 1.5 cups even though I doubled the recipe. We were going to have the brownies with ice-cream and I am not a fan of that cloyingly sweet aftertaste most store-bought brownies have. These were just right. You can call them ‘dark chocolate’ brownies if you will. They soaked up the melty ice-cream like a sponge and was a perfect end to a home-cooked dinner my friends and I had at their place yesterday.

This brownie really came to be because of a spontaneous Whatsapp message. Within the hour, we had gotten the ingredients, and I started baking. I used Hershey’s unsweetened baking chocolate bars to whip these mocha coloured babies. And despite the fact that I was cooking in a new kitchen (my friend’s place), I thought these brownies turned out rather well.

The many left-overs (we had a huge 3-course home-cooked meal prior: Port Salut cheese wrapped with smoked salmon & ham, Spicy grilled tumeric chicken with onion, chilli padi and caramelised onion topping, and Feta cheese salad topped with tomatoes, white button mushrooms and baby corn) were packed and fed to my dearest colleagues on Friday. Was relieved that they liked it. Phew, I still got some baking magic in me yet!

I’ve tried many brownie recipes and still, I always return to Hershey’s simple techniques of brownie ‘construction’. Because it is so dead easy, you can involve your kids. All you really need is a BIG mixing bowl and a wooden spoon. I didn’t even use a mixer for this.

To bake these, download the recipe from Hershey’s at this link: Quick & Easy Fudgey Hershey Brownies

If you have a party for 10 to 15, then double the recipe like I did and reduce the amount of sugar according to personal sugar tolerance.

Before I sign-off, I would like to wish each of you a very Happy New Year and may you have a fulfilling, adventure (both in and out of the kitchen) filled new year with your loved ones.


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