Extra Virgin Pizza

Extra Virgin Pizzas

Despite my self-proclaimed goal of obtaining rock-hard abs before I turn 30 at the end of July, I have been pigging out. Alot. Sure, I have only myself to blame for my lack of discipline. But sometimes, it’s just too damn hard. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing but when it comes to this pizza joint that I discovered recently, that adage is thrown out of the window.

Extra Virgin Pizzas

Not only do Extra Virgin Pizza have excellent sides (ricotta veal meatballs pictured above and the white wine mussels not pictured above), they have pizzas I find very hard to say no to. There are days when I just have a sudden craving and I would drag my colleague along. This year alone, I have been to EVP 4 times. And it’s only March!

My favourites are The Spotted Pig, Prosciutto Argula and the Mushroom Bianco.

Extra Virgin Pizzas

What’s so good about these wood-fire baked pizzas? The flour. It is hands down the best damn pizza dough/crust I have ever tasted. So smokey and crunchy I almost always finish every last bit. Sure, I might not have been to Italy or New York, but for what it’s worth, these are by far the best tasting pizzas I’ve had in my life. Some have asked me if it’s on par with Batali’s Pizzaria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands. I say yes!

PS. If you have UOB card, enjoy 1-for-1 pizza deals after 2pm on weekdays!

Extra Virgin Pizza is available at United Square Shopping Mall #01-14 &  Asia Square Tower 1 #01-04

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