I am a picnic pro.


Tell me you if you think the apple pie above looks irresistibly charming?

No, I don’t need you to tell me. I know so.

I haven’t become cocky. Just confident. I’ve baked the pie so many times, I am proud to say it’s my go-to ‘show-off’ pie. Heh!

Yes. What good is it to tell you I love to bake when I cannot prove it?

When I am challenged, I bring my game on. And by game, I mean picnic of course. Picnics are the best way to ‘strut’ your stuff. You bake, you cook, you bring your good self and good company, you’ll be anyone’s best friend. It’s a trick I learnt. That’s how I get people to like me. Ok I’m kidding. I just love to unwind with a picnic once in a while.

And I did, recently at my favourite spot at the Botanic Gardens. Almost everything was prepared by me myself and I. Best discovery out of this picnic was this:

A perfect example of the beauty of random glorious things combined to bring your tastebuds to another dimension. From that to this might not look much:


But spread that pumpkin-hue paste onto a baguette, with some grilled meat and you’ve got yourself a clear winner. I call it the Awesome Picnic Sriracha Guac-Mayo Chip Sandwich (not very original but that will do).


With that sandwich, some nectarines, my homemade basil pesto bow-tie pasta, hummus, Camembert and juice, the picnic was bound to be a success. I even had my go-to picnic blankie. Come on, if you’re going to do a picnic, you jolly well bring on the red and white checkers or else go home!



Ok now who wants to hire me as their picnicker? Would you pay me to prepare your picnic? Well if you invite me, I’ll give you a discount maybe? Viable?

Posted on 4th Mar 2014 in apple pie, hot sauce, pasta, picnic, pies


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