Cheatsheet for Cake Lovers – Part 1

Gluten-free pound cake

There is a reason why my Instagram and Twitter handle is @cherylovescake.

This reason gives me ultimate pleasure but equal measures of guilt.

If you’re a lady, chances are you will be in the same camp.

The cake camp.

The happy camp. Yes. Joy to me is the precise moment where I see a cake (preferably chocolate) and know that it is mine (although I have lusted over many that didn’t belong to me and still felt good about it!) and run/attack/lunge towards it with pure ecstasy. It’s my drug of choice. I don’t need no Prozac or Xanax. I just need cake.

Last year, the day after a break-up, in the midst of my murky mind, all I wanted was cake. PS. Cafe’s Chocolate Black-out Cake to be specific. I had it. And yes it did hit the spot. I was satiated. For that moment, I needed no consolation.

That’s how much I love cake. Who needs men when you have cake? Ladies (and men), do I hear a shout of agreement? My life long affection for cake surpasses every other infatuation of mine. I have dreamt of cake, wrote poems about cake and even tried to draw cakes (don’t even ask me how they look like. I cannot draw. period.).

I wish I could just eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve tried that actually. How did that turn out? I ended up looking like cake. A buttery pound cake. Who was to blame? My parents. Yes. Their genetics did not allow me to eat all that I can and melt it all away through my sweat glands (yes I do think of such nonsense all the time). I have a large frame – big bones and all. Cake makes my bottom look wholesome. Don’t get me wrong! Wholesome is good. It’s all about wholesomeness these days ain’t it (just ask J. Lo and Nicki Minaj)? But the vain part of me wants to look svelte in a crop top damn it!

Crossing the threshold of the 30s realm is no walk in the park. Butter, sugar, eggs and flour stick to you like barnacles.  In theory it sounds funny but in reality it’s rather morose. Putting on weight is easier. So cake seems more like a sin than something I enjoy eating. Calling cake a sin is a very strange thing to me! Like I’m betraying a loved one.

Then it hit me – I should have my cake and eat it too. Who says I can’t? If I want something that bad, I should do something about it. My imaginative mind cooked up cakes that had zero calories. Unfortunately, it remained a figment of my imagination.

What if I cheated? What if I tricked my brains. What if I tinkered with science and magic (ok not magic. joking)?

Many what ifs later, I dived into the world of glorious substitution. I bake and I cook all the time so who says I can’t make cakes slightly healthier? Jeez, how long did it take me to figure that out?

Gluten-free pound cake

Better late than never yes?

#1 rule of guilt-free cake making – use an unrefined sugar substitute. Our bodies prefer natural food sources. If you can, use maple syrup or molasses or muscovado sugar.

#2 – Use gluten-free flour. But make sure you use the more nutritious ones. I prefer flours like brown rice and sorghum. I use the Bob’s Red Mills range. They have a wide variety.

#3 – Try to use a healthy frosting. Technically there is no such thing as a frosting that’s good for you. But this is where you improvise. I’ve discovered the miracle of avocado’s creaminess and am milking it for what it’s worth. Imagine feeling 101% good about licking the frosting off your cake and knowing that it has nutrients that are good for you!

Gluten-free pound cake

So this is the story of how I found a way to cheat my body. My cakes are still equally delicious but just less ‘bad’. 

Here’s a recipe you can try to kick-start your cheating ways: 
Gluten Free Pound Cake.

Note that I replaced sweet rice flour with stoneground brown rice flour and used muscovado sugar instead of white sugar. I also halved the sugar. 

Here’s to all the cakes in the world – gluten free or not. No cakes are made the same and thou shall not judge them but find a loophole to live healthy while caking through life. 

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