Gifts from my Polish friend

I’ve been blessed to meet plenty of lovely people at SMU. Even though I’m literally on exchange from Kent Ridge to City Hall (haha.), I feel as if I’m in another country all together. It’s probably also because of the friends I’ve made, especially Urszula. I know she reads my blog. Hey girl, I want to say that you’re the sweetest! It’s awesome hanging out with you!

Anyway she’s an exchange student from Poland and I’ve learnt alot about her home country, especially how they celebrate Easter. It’s amazing I tell you. Listening to her recounting events and what not – it really makes me want to visit Poland. Prior to meeting her, I will have to admit that I didn’t know much about Poland – well except that the late Pope John Paul was from there, and they have nice polish sausages. How ignorant I must have been! Well I have Urszula here to educate me now so it’s okay…

She went to Norway recently for a conference and brought some stuff back for me. That sweet dear; she’s really thoughtful! This is some Norwegian brown cheese she bought for me to try:

That’s that it looks like – brown. It might be too robust for some but I love it. It’s not really smelly or pungent like blue cheese but it has a rich dark taste. It tastes good on its own or with some crackers. I love it! She told me that there are some people who love it and some who hate it.

Then there’s Chrzan. It tastes very much like wasabi. I call it Polish wasabi. Ula didn’t know what ingredients they used but I suspect it was horseradish. Yummy with cold meat, I had it with some ngoh hiah that day. :p


more herbs….

Barszcz. Something like Russian’s Borsch; but slightly different…

Pudding & soft jelly drink mixes..

I know what you’re thinking…. they’re all in Polish, so how do I know what is what and how to use it? Ula gave me the instructions.. There were alot and I hope I remember them!

Oooo.. I stayed over at her place yesterday and we made Pierogi for dinner. It’s some kind of Polish dumplings. My hands were dough-y so I couldn’t really take photos. I will however try cooking them on my own at home for my family and let you know how it goes!

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A very chocolatey gift

Christmas ended a week ago but that doesn’t mean the Christmas spirit has faded into oblivion. Well at least for me it hasn’t because I felt so loved when I received my gift pack from Nadnut yesterday.

Remember the Christmas Flog Exchange post on my blog last December? Organised by Sam of The Hinata Diaries and June of Nibble Scribble, this local flog (a colloqial term for food blog, you know, combine food and blog and you get flog!) event attacted about 15 locals, most of whom own food blogs of their own.

This event is similar to your usual Christmas gift exchange except that you actually exchange wishes beforehand and try your best to match that request and possibly add in some of your own creativity.

Most of the wishes were rather original, with some requesting for something homebaked. I think it’s kinda sweet you know, to taste something you know is unique of the individual, baked with love, and is almost priceless since you definitely can’t find it sold out there at some commercial enterprise.

Anyway, my wish was for your favourite dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate and I simply wanted to try the dark chocolate that the person who granted my wish liked. Nadnut was the one who granted my wish and I must say she was really sweet to give me that gift pack you see above. I am seriously spoilt for choice. She gave me 6 different types of dark chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. There were so many different dark chocolate to choose from. It would take me quite a while to slowly finish them all. I intend to savour each one bit by bit.

The one I’m most excited about is the Meiji 99% dark chocolate because I’ve been wanting to get it. If I’m not wrong, I think I might have tried Lindt’s 99% or 95% dark chocolate once. I can’t remember clearly but it sure was an interesting experience. When I was much younger, I preferred sweeter chocolates, it was only when I was growing up then I got to like dark chocolate a whole lot more. Or it could also be probably because dark chocolate is easily available now than it was before? I don’t know… but I sure see many more brands of noir chocolat in recent years.

This other one by Meiji sure looks interesting. Can’t wait to try it. The Japanese have the cutest packaging I tell ya! Sometimes it entices you to buy the product even though you know you might not even want it in the first place.

And here’s something that got me all excited too:

Classic Dark Tim Tam! I fell in love with Tim Tam a few years ago when I was doing a print journalism internship in Brisbane. I must have eaten a record number of Tim Tams when I was there. Oh Oh, I also mastered the Tim Tam Slam! It’s awesome I tell you. First you bite the corners on both ends – just one each, do it diagonally. Then you take a hot drink (I recommend coffee, hot chocolate or Milo) and use the Tim Tam as if it’s a straw – dip it slightly in the drink and suck hard so that the liquid melts the center and you are able to drink up the smooth dark chocolately fudgey delight + soft yummy chocolate biscuit. It’s amazing I tell ya. Truly phenomenal. You won’t realise it until you actually do the deed. It might not sound much but it’s really an experience!

Nadnut also included Droste 75% pastilles (also another of my favourite!) and another Duc d’O 76% dark chocolate. I certainly look forward to having a good time munching on the many chocolatey delights! Thanks girl, it is really a great gift and boy am I a happy girl right now!

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